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February 9, 2007

I am a WordPress newbie

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Oh yes, I am a total newbie when it come to blogging on wordpress.

I have been blogging with blogger for ages, it feels like, and decided to try something new. I still haven’t figured everything out and I still have to do a lote here..

Well well.. that’s part of the blogging life I guess.. 🙂


February 3, 2007

Calling all freelancers!

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So you want to become a freelancer? Or maybe you are already typing away all day long?

Deciding to become a freelancer is not an easy thing. Just because you decide it doesn’t mean you immediately become a writer or whatever it is you have decided to freelance within.
I have decided to start my freelancing as a writer as that is what I do best.
If you still haven’t figured out in what area you should freelance, and the choice is big, then take some time to think it through.
So why did I decide that the writing business is the best one for me? Well if I had paid better attention when I went to school then I could’ve been working with computers and design now. But at the time it wasn’t anything I prioritized.

Well here I am going to write down my freelancing experiences and everything that comes with it.

I will look into the best places for freelancers and share my thoughts on them.

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